What is Location Astrology?

When you were born the path that all of the planets were traveling at that moment fell into a pattern that can be traced on an astro-cartography map. Each line holds a different planetary energy that makes life easier, or more difficult in various ways. The key is to gain access to these maps and find a skilled astrologer to interpret them for you.

astro-cartography map

My Personal Story
 I lived in the Nevada County area of Northern California for 29 years quite happily and successfully. My career was supported there, and I raised two children and lived in spiritual community. At the same time I also experienced some health challenges there as well. In 2005 my youngest child had entered college, so I began to feel as if I was ready for a big change in life. I had wanted to try living in Hawaii for the past 10 years, so we decided to move there.
At that time I actually knew enough about location astrology to know that Hawaii was not a great location for me. The problem was that I hadn’t learned to trust location astrology yet, and I really liked Hawaii! I thought the warm climate would be great for my health. I also saw that Hawaii could help my husband have a better career and make more money than in California, but I did see some problems for him in Hawaii as well.
To make a long story short, we move there in the spring of 2006. My husband’s career took off, so much that I hardly ever saw him. My career fell totally flat there, and my children were far away. We spent all the extra money he made on travel expenses. I felt isolated and alone. Then several months later my health symptoms worsened. It took us the year to figure out that I had a severe allergy to the mold because of the humidity. The last two months there I could hardly go outside and was on three different medications for asthma. The doctor said I needed a dry climate!
I had to act fast. We didn’t have time or money to drive around the U.S. looking for the optimal location for my health. So I simply studied my location maps very carefully. I found that the very city where my daughter was attending college in Tucson Arizona was about the best location in the states for me. I decided to go there right away for a visit. Within the first day of being there I could breathe, and I got off all of my medications within the first month, so we decided to move. I could see that it would be good for my husband too, and he got a teaching job within weeks. I can’t imagine trying to navigate that situation without the help of location astrology!

A Vedic Approach to Location Astrology
The astrology of India, or “Vedic astrology” lends itself very well to interpreting the astro-cartography maps. First of all the Vedic system is sidereal, or based on the exact astronomical position of the planets, just like the maps are. Furthermore, Vedic astrology teaches us which planetary lines are auspicious for each individual. Another big part of the equation is looking at the current time period you are experiencing, and how that fits into location. By relocating the entire chart for each new location, I can also tell which areas of life will be enhanced and which might be challenged. In addition there are many other techniques that I have learned to use that originate from the Vedic system. I have found that these all to be extremely helpful in determining locations for people to move, start businesses, or just vacation.

How does a reading work?
 All I need is your birth date, time and place. Then I like you to pick three locations that you would like to live in for me to study. I can also pick the best location for you if you prefer. I always like to look at the location you are currently in just to get some perspective. The reading takes about an hour and I record it on a CD that I send you along with the maps. The cost of the reading is only $135, which is significantly less than most in depth readings of this nature. Just send me an email, or call me to schedule a reading.

Kasandra Klassy
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