Kasandra Klassy’s intuitive approach to Vedic Astrology comes from her 30 years of spiritual training as a teacher, minister, and counselor, and years of study in “Jyotish,” the astrology of “inner light” from India. Kasandra is a gifted and intuitive counselor who uses Kasandra in IndiaVedic Astrology to give you guidance for understanding your life.

Usually you will begin with a Life Reading. Other possible readings include: Transit Readings, Location Astrology, Gem Healing, Relationship Compatibility, Auspicious Date Planning, Yearly Solar Return, and Specific Question (Prashna) Readings.

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Life Reading
This reading is the best one to start with. We will look at your birth chart in detail, including certain time periods that support you in accomplishing the various goals in life. Remedial measures are often recommended to strengthen weak planets.

Transit Reading
This reading goes into depth examining planetary periods and upcoming transits. This will help you to better understand the current and future influences in your life.

Solar Return (Varshaphal)
This is a good reading to have once a year around the time of your birthday. When the Sun returns to the position it occupied at your birth, a new chart is generated for that year.

Relationship Compatibility
In this reading we can compare your chart with your partner, to examine strengths and challenges.

Auspicious Date
If you are beginning a new project such as getting married, starting a new business, or any other important new venture, it is a good idea to pick the best time to consciously begin that project.

Location Astrology
Have you ever noticed that some places that you’ve lived support your life goals better than others? In some places doors just seem to open up magically, and in other places many obstacles occur. This is due to the effects of planetary energies that are different for every person in each new location. More about location astrology here.

Specific Question (Prashna)
Do you have a specific question about anything that you need guidance and direction for? The exact time that you ask the astrologer the question generates a chart that can give specific information about the answer to your question. Often this can be accomplished in a half-hour reading.

All readings include a CD recording. Limited appointments available. Please visit the payment page for prices. To schedule your Vedic astrological reading, including your prescription for gems or Healing Gem Essences, contact:

Kasandra Klassy
Cell phone: (510) 461-1485