Healing Gem Therapy
Vedic astrology, "Jyotish" (inner light), as it is called in India, is one of the sister sciences to "ayurveda." Thousands of years ago the ancient saints of India realized that the seven major planets (including the Sun and Moon) in our solar system have a direct effect on our everyday lives. They understood that the exact time of our birth is predetermined by our past karma. The position of these planets at the moment of one's birth is a major factor in determining the outcome of all the events in the current life.

Do you ever wonder why some people are rich, while others are poor? Why some have wealth while others do not? In this system there are no victims of circumstance. It is up to each of us to accept what we have been given and find ways to improve. Clients often ask me, "Is it just my fate to experience life in this way? Is there something I can do to improve my situation?" The answer is most undeniably "yes!" Many "remedial measures" are used in Vedic astrology; one of them is gem therapy.

How does gem therapy work?
The human aura is composed of all the seven colors of the rainbow. The colors are produced by chakras (energy centers) along the spinal column. The strength and clarity of the energy of each chakra is determined by the position of the corresponding planet ruling that chakra in the birth chart. For instance, if the planet Mars is weak by being in its weakest sign of Cancer in your natal chart, then you could strengthen that energy by wearing red coral.

Here is a list of gems Vedic astrologers use to enhance or improve each planet and chakra, and just a hint of what each gem does:

1. The root chakra (located at the bottom of the tail bone) is ruled by Saturn. The gem is blue sapphire or amethyst. These gems increase groundedness, practicality, discipline, detachment, and protection from psychic disturbances.

2. Jupiter rules the second chakra (located about 3 inches above the root chakra). The gem is yellow sapphire, or citrine. These gems give expansiveness, creativity, optimism, wealth, faith, and good luck.

3. Mars rules the solar plexus (located at the naval center). This gem gives strength, drive, bravery, power, and energy. Sometimes pink and white coral are also used to balance or tone down a Mars that is too powerful for the chart.

4. Venus rules the heart chakra. The gem is diamond, white sapphire, or white aquamarine. These gems increase love of beauty, ability in the arts, refinement, relationships, and devotion.

5. Mercury rules the throat chakra. The gem is emerald, green tourmaline, or peridot. These gems develop intelligence, communication, memory calmness, and clarity.

6. The Sun and the Moon are the negative poles of the center between the eyebrows. The gem for the Moon is a pearl. This gives receptivity, relaxation, nurturing, love and peace. The gem for the Sun is ruby or garnet. These gems give courage, bravery, self-esteem, will power, and success.

To know which of these gems would be best for you, the guidance of a qualified Vedic astrologer is essential. I carry many of these high quality gems at very reasonable prices. Please call or email for details and prices.

I have also made "gem essences" from each of these gems for people who choose not to invest in wearing gems. These are made in a way similar to how Bach flower essences are made.

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