Gem Essences

The Healing Power of Astrological Gems...
In a Tincture Delivery System

  • Thousands of years ago, ancient Vedic seers discovered the healing powers of gems.
  • As part of the science of Vedic Astrology, gemstones are used to strengthen or balance your weak or imbalanced planets.
  • Ayurvedic Medicine uses tinctures of these gems for their healing effects.
  • Kasandra Klassy joins Vedic Astrology with Ayurvedic gem tinctures, producing Healing Gem Essences to help her clients. These tinctures are made at the most auspicious times, using time-honored methods.
  • To find out which Essence is right for you, arrange an individual consultation with Kasandra.

Your unique astrological profile determines which Healing Gem Essences are right for you.
Contact Kasandra Klassy for a full Vedic reading, or for a shorter Healing Gem Essence consultation.

Made according to ancient practices, at the most auspicious times, these essences can complement your unique astrological profile.

Balance… Strengthen… Harmonize


This gem strengthens the Sun center, the chakra at the spiritual eye, between the eyebrows. It helps you to develop self-esteem, success, will power, courage, motivation, individuality, energy, the heart, circulation, and resistance to disease. (1 oz.)


Strengthens the Moon center, the 6th chakra, located at the base of the skull near the medulla oblongata. It enhances mental and emotional health, induces relaxation and accesses your feminine qualities. It heals female problems, lungs, and dryness. (1 oz.)



Strengthens Mercury and the 5th chakra in the throat center. It aids communication, grants intelligent and logical thinking, calms the nervous system, and develops healing abilities. It can heal the lungs, throat, nose, and allergies. (1 oz.)



White Sapphire
White Sappire strengthens Venus, ruler of the 4th chakra in the heart center. It can increase your ability to love unconditionally, your sense of beauty and refinement, artistic ability, grace and devotion to the greater Self. It can help the kidneys, urinary tract, reproductive system, and immune system. (1 oz.)


Red & Pink CoralPink Coral
Mars rules the 3rd chakra at the solar plexus. Red coral increases energy, courage, willpower, sexuality, vitality, and accesses your warrior energy. Pink coral balances Mars energy and is used when the Mars is too strong and out of harmony with the rest of the planets. (1 oz.)


Yellow SapphireYellow Sapphire
Jupiter rules the 2nd chakra. It develops joy, optimism, faith, creativity, expansiveness, wealth, and strengthens your connection with the spiritual teacher within. It heals the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, and can increase vitality. (1 oz.)



Amethyst & Blue SapphireBlue Sapphire
Saturn rules the 1st or root chakra. It helps you become grounded, develop discipline, independence, strong internal boundaries and persistence. It strengthens your nerves & bones, and enhances longevity and your ability to handle stress. Amethyst is a more mild transmitter of the Saturn energy, and blue sapphire has a much more powerful energy. (1 oz.)

Hessonite Garnet & Cat's EyeHessonite Garnet
Hessonite garnet and Cat's Eye are used to offset the damaging effects of the northern and southern eclipse points in the charts. It is best to get an astrologers recommendation for these essences. (1 oz.)


Nine Gem Combination9 Gem Combination
The most highly recommended Essence because it contains all the above gemstones plus Hessonite Garnet and Cat’s Eye. These two gems, plus the seven others, strengthen your aura, reduce the influences of negativity and increase your awareness of spiritual realities. (1 oz.)