AboutKasandra Klassy

Kasandra Klassy has studied and practiced Vedic teachings for over 30 years. This practice has awakened her intuitive abilities, which she relies on to guide clients. She has also served for 20 years in spiritual counseling work as a minister.

She is a Level II Certified Vedic Astrologer through ACVA, the American College of Vedic Astrology. For many years Kasandra has served astrology clients, and taught classes in “Jyotish”, the astrology of inner light from India.

Many comment that her intuitive approach to the science of Vedic astrology uncovACVA Online Level II Certificateers meaning that a more mechanical reading may miss. Kasandra is also a gifted musician and has taught violin for 28 years.

Dharmishta is Kasandra's spiritual name, meaningone who pursues the path of dharma as their highest aspiration.